Vé Comfort 3-speed, Orange

8900 SEK

The Vélosophy Comfort Edition is an aluminium city commuter equipped with alloy fenders, anti-rust chain and a smooth-shifting 3-speed integrated hub from Sram. The seating position is more upright than on our Sport Edition, the saddle a bit wider, the chain guard of a more covering kind – and all this together with a back swift handlebar places the rider in a comfortable, upright position, that is gentle on your back making the Comfy Edition ideal for everyone looking for a classic riding experience.  

The Comfy weighs 12,8 kg and comes in five colors: yellow, green, orange, blue and purple. Available in two sizes – see our sizing guide.

The Vélosophy bicycle comes with a pre-mounted socket, prepared for easy attachment of the Basket or Flat Carrier – which you choose separately below.